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Our group consists of some of the finest and strongest crew in its field. Our great experience combined with our vast network, gives our group a head start in the competition. With transparency and professionalism, we seek to complete any legal and/or corporate tasks our clients delegate to us.

We have a responsive network of experts which is rich with multinational and multidisciplinary legal consultants, certified accountants and tax consultants and thus to yield our goal there is practically nothing off limits. In addition, one solid offshoot of our network is our trustworthy connection with major Banks which enables us to work freely within the financial system.

Titanius Nominees offer an extensive list of services which is almost without limits in the corporate and legal sectors. We are sure that once you get to know our group, our relationship will be a long lasting one, based on trust.

Lastly, we are proud to have an established international network of associates that enables us to provide services beyond compare, to our existing and new to come clients. One of the things we value the most, is communication with our clients. Feel comfortable to contact us anytime for any enquiry you might have.

Cyprus Investment Programme

The benefits of the Cyprus Investment Programme are unmeasurable, with our fast and simple process it is now within your reach.

Corporate Services

Managing your corporation with no obstacle is important for us, thus we make sure to use our resources to your advantage.


Trusts are a delicate subject; thus, we handle it with extra care and find complete our tasks efficiently and confidentiality.

Intellectual Property

Cyprus offers international level of protection, along with our vast network to capitals worldwide it enables us to achieve invulnerability.