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Licensing, Registration, Services

The financial sector in the Republic of Cyprus is advancing and expanding constantly towards the ultimate corporate financial environment. A distinctive advantage of being licensed within the European Union, is that the company is able to ‘passport’ through the MiFID to any EU jurisdiction and undertake corporate activities.

Our associates have a large trustworthy network in the financial sector which will enable as to help you with any task. Here are some of the services our associates can provide:

  • Investment Firm Licensing
  • Forex Firm Registration
  • Binary Option Firm Registration
  • Investment Fund Licensing
  • Financial Institution Licensing
  • Payment Service Provider Licensing
  • Compliance Services
  • Internal Audit Services

We are proud to have an established international network of associates that enables us to provide services beyond compare, to our existing and new to come clients. One of the things we value the most, is communication with our clients. Feel comfortable to contact us anytime for any enquiry you might have.