Permanent Residence

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Permanent residence is a permit concerning the NON-EU citizens seeking to move to the jurisdiction of the Republic of Cyprus. The permit is granted to the applicant and spouse/husband for the rest of their lives as well as for the children who are financially dependent on the applicant. The permit is perfect for those who want to avoid the immigration and visa procedures each time they visit the Republic of Cyprus. The procedure can be completed with a fast track process taking only up to two months.

Here are the main requirements for obtaining the permanent residence:

  • Real estate property must be bought of at least 300,000 Euro
  • A bank deposit must be locked in Local Cyprus Bank (at least 30,000 Euro)
  • Proof of income of the applicant and additional fee of the financially dependent on him/her
  • The applicants are obligated NOT to engage in any professional activities in Cyprus
  • All the applicants’ legal documents must be translated and duly legalized by apostil.

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