The Republic of Cyprus has permanently upgraded its image since its entry to the European Union and became one of the most respectable regions in the Corporate Sectors. Having one of the lowest corporate tax of 12.5% inside the EU jurisdiction (not offshore) gives Cyprus an attractive status for any business that seeks expansion.

Our associates that specialize in Tax, have a long record of success along with a comprehensive experience internationally. Some regions are more favorable, due to our extensive and reliable network of associates.

The goal for a business it’s to find the most tax-efficient plan to proceed its operations, and thus we are here to ensure that our specialists will provide a bulletproof plan for profound expansion.

We are proud to have an established international network of associates that enables us to provide services beyond compare, to our existing and new to come clients. One of the things we value the most, is communication with our clients. Feel comfortable to contact us anytime for any enquiry you might have.