We understand that Trusts are a delicate subject and thus we do handle it with extra care. Tax planning, asset protection and inheritance planning are some of the reasons our clients worldwide set up trusts. The settler can change almost anything as well as the governing law of the trust without affecting the potency of the trust.

The new Cyprus International Trust legislation enables the affiliates of the trust to achieve the highest and most intact levels of protection along with the impressive asset keeping and appealing tax benefits of the island makes it the perfect environment for any kind of trust. Thus, this innovative adjustment of the Cyprus International Trusts Law of 1992, placed The Republic of Cyprus on top of the competition in concern to the International Trusts and since then became one of the most favorable trust jurisdictions.

We have a long history of assisting our clients and partners, to classify their estate planning requirements and handle their trusts with transparent professionalism and comprehensive dedication to achieve excellence.

We are proud to have an established international network of associates that enables us to provide services beyond compare, to our existing and new to come clients. One of the things we value the most, is communication with our clients. Feel comfortable to contact us anytime for any enquiry you might have.